iNtODEWORLD | English Website Launching and U.S. Subsidiary Introduction
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English Website Launching and U.S. Subsidiary Introduction

보스톤.사무실_홈페이지We have been running our website following the launch of fully re-designed Korean website on January 18 2017. Our primary goal with the reworked website was to strengthen communications with shareholders and investors, and provide news and updates regarding the development and progress of the company to avoid any misunderstandings and prejudice.

With the same purpose, we have launched the English website. The new website is available now and URL is The new website is not just English version of our Korean one, but the official website of iNtODEWORLD, Inc, 100% subsidiary of iNtRON Biotechnology, which was registered in Delaware and established it Head Quarter office in Boston in early this year. The official website of iNtODEWORLD will provide the news and updates to foreign shareholders and investors as our Korean website does.

iNtRON has a plan to establish many additional second-tier subsidiaries followed by BiOStON Therapeutics, Inc, which is the first ‘second-tier subsidiary owned by iNtODEWORLD. At this moment, it would be merely opening the new offices as our first step to enter the US market. However, we will make investments continuously in the US subsidiaries and use them as bridgeheads to hit the jackpot in the US bio market.

We hope all shareholders and investors of iNtRON to be happy in New Korea. We also promise that iNtRON will be a Korean Biotech company taking a great leap in the world.

it is iNtRON.

iNtODEWORLD, Inc is the US subsidiary of iNtRON Biotechnology, Inc.