iNtODEWORLD | iNtRON signs the collaboration agreement on eHeme development
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iNtRON signs the collaboration agreement on eHeme development

iNtRON Biotechnology and Estech Pharma today announced that they have entered into the collaboration agreement on eHeme (engineered Heme) technology development.

According to iNtRON Bio, two companies will make an investment together in the bio and chemical production of eHeme based on the iNtRON Bio’s relevant patents. iNtRON Bio will receive USD 2 million for granting the exclusive right to Estech Pharma. iNtRON Bio also explained that they will be establishing a new joint venture company during the development process.

Two companies plan to obtain the regulatory approval for eHeme in Korea and US within three years to promote industrialization of both the general and functional food ingredient.

iNtRON Bio has an ultimate goal of developing artificial blood based on the oxygen transporting function of eHeme. In addition, it has a plan to commercialize eHeme, which is nature-friendly and most similar to human blood composition, as an iron supplement dietary ingredient and alternative meat ingredient.

Kyung Won Yoon (CEO) said, “this partnership with Estech Pharma is to utilize iron supplying function of eHeme and to commercialize it as a key material for the health functional food as well as the alternative meat area that is recently emerging in the global food industry.”

it is iNtRON.

if it is iNtRON?

iNtODEWORLD, Inc is the US subsidiary of iNtRON Biotechnology, Inc.