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Korea IPO Listed Company (KOSDAQ)

Technology Integrated Venture Company


iNtRON Biotechnology has been focusing on the R&D investment since its foundation and accelerates development speed after the IPO in KOSDAQ. We are aiming for the ‘global R&D company’ promoting the value of the company focused on the BIO New Drug by developing various ‘First-in-Class’ bio-drugs and conducting clinical studies in phases.

iNtODEWORLD, Inc. (Boston, USA)

New Drug-based Moral-Buster

One of the purposes of our new drug development is to target the block-buster market. In addition, we could provide more important value to the world with a ‘Moral-Buster’ new drug that could save lives.

Bio-pharmaceuticals for Human

With advances in biotechnology and genetic engineering, bio new drug development for prevention and treatment has been focused. It is estimated that the proportion of bio new drug sales among top 100 sales medicine will be increased to 49% in 2018 from 34% in 2011.

MOA based First-in-Class New Drug

Global licensing is one of the most important way for global R&D company to generate cashes. Big pharmaceutical companies are interested in First-in-Class preferentially.

A Game Changer in $100 Trillion Superbugs treatment Market

According to the AMR review report, super bacteria are causing over 30,000 death annually; and AMR warns the number of death could be increased to over 10 millions and it could cost $100 trillion by 2050 without any proper countermeasures.

Bacteriophage & Endolysin World Leader

As a sole company supplying bacteriophage-based raw material, we have been getting registration approvals for feed additives in livestock and fisheries. iNtRON Bio is the only company conducting phase 2 study with endolysin based pipeline candidate (N-Rephasin® SAL200). In addition, we are preparing for the clinical studies of diverse pipelines.

Research & Business Development (R&BD)

iNtRON Bio will operate The Company in the biggest 3 markets, US, China, and Russia, not as manufacturing and sales based company, but as R&D based biotech company.

Passion, Flexibility, and Me

iNtRON Bio will lead the company with a flexibility and passion to ‘Global R&D Company’ based on First-in-Class (MOA based) drugs for human.
iNtODEWORLD, Inc is the US subsidiary of iNtRON Biotechnology, Inc.