iNtRON Biotechnology, TonaBACASE, the newly adopted name of SAL200 by WHO
13 March,2017

First-in-the-world Registered substance name of Endolysin


Kyungwon Yoon(CEO) of iNtRON Biotechnology, Inc. said on March 7, 2017 that Tonabacase, as global new drug substance name for ‘N-Rephasin® SAL200 which is a novel superbacterial infection treatment drug, is adopted and registered by International Nonproprietary Name(INN), an affiliated organization of WHO.


The substance name ‘BACASE’ is a new pre-stem that the INN committee granted to iNtRON’s novel drug substance with Bactericidal Enzyme characteristic. Applied in 2015 and now granted first-in-the-world to be registered, the name was adopted by INN committee for the differentiated MoA(mode of action) of SAL200, a novel bio-drug with Endolysin as active component, and its Bactericidal characteristic.


Since INN adopted ‘BACASE’ for the name of ‘Bactericidal Enzyme’ substance, from now on, all drug products worldwide with ‘Bactericidal Enzyme’ substances should use the pre-stem ‘-BACASE’ that iNtRON Biotechnology registered for the first time. The INN committee offered this pre-stem for the first time to SAL200 and designated the active component of Endolysin as ‘TonaBACASE’, then WHO officially announced the name adoption and registration.


Global registered substance name takes about 18 months from first application to final registration by INN and this much time is needed because a offered name needs to be cross-checked with all the substances names of the world, in order to minimize potential mis-prescription possibilities. Also, ‘TonaBACASE’, now as officially registered substance name, is to be retrieved in real time by all the physicians of the world who can prescribe a drug. This means that SAL200 has started to be known with its registered substance name even before its commercialization on the market.


Kyungwon Yoon(CEO) of iNtRON Biotechnology, Inc. expressed that the official name adoption of TonaBACASE is meaningful in that the expert group of WHO formally verified SAL200 to be a novel ‘first-in-class’ antibiotic material. He also said, “iNtRON will continue to develop various novel drug candidate materials based on Endolysin platform technology, and through successful clinical trials of our pipelines, we will bring more ‘first-in-class’ novel drugs to the world.



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