iNtRON’s Presentation at 2017 Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance Conference
08 December,2017

iNtRON’s R&D Center was invited to “3rd World Congress and Exhibition on Antibiotics and Antibiotics Resistance“ as a speaker, in recognition of its study on SAL200.


The topic of the conference was ‘The future of antibiotics: key opportunities & emerging therapies’, and prominent researchers from universities and institutions in USA, UK, Italy, France, China, and Singapore attended the conference as a speaker.


The main subjects of the conference included “The emergence of antimicrobial resistance”, “Antibiotic resistance: opportunities and challenges”, “Drug discovery and novel delivery technology”, “Antibiotics for emerging and re-emerging disease”, “Antibiotics and mechanism of action”, “Different types of antibiotics and their applications”, “Microorganisms in recent drug discovery”, and we could find through the presentations that antibiotics resistance problem, Gram(-) problem in particular, became the hottest issue in the antibiotic industry.


Through the presentation, iNtRON introduced its key achievements obtained while conducting N-Rephasin SAL200 study, and announced its current clinical trial stage (Phase Iia in Korea). The presentation drew keen attention from audiences.


Byungse Suh, the Professor of Temple University, Chairman of the conference, made a presentation on the subject of ‘Bacteriophage therapy as an effective alternative to antibiotics’ as a keynote speaker, and from that presentation, we could reconfirm that Bacteriophage studies have became a main concern in worldwide antibiotics resistance researches.


iNtRON will pursue its R&D activities and keep watching industrial trends and worldwide ongoing researches, to be a leading company in regard of bacteriophage and endolysin technology.



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