Management of multi-drug resistant organisms in healthcare settings
26 March,2018

In January 2018, The Catholic University of Korea’s Division of Infectious Disease released a paper on the subject of seriousness of multidrug-resistant organisms (MDROs) and suggested control methods to prevent bacterial epidemic disease occurrence.


Seriousness of MDROs


MDROs including Carbapenem resistance bacteria or well known the last antibiotics Colistin resistance bacteria are spreading out indiscriminately, but the development of countermeasures has been delayed so far.


MDROs problem is more serious in intensive care unit (ICU). Korean Nosocomial Infections Surveillance System says, during 2006-2014, recovery rate of several bacteria those are transmitted through ICU equipment including MRSA (86-95%), VRE (41-50%), cefotaxime resistance K. pneumoniae (62-71%) has remained serious level since 2006 (Carbapenem resistance A. baumannii : 52.9% → 89.8% 2006-2013 / Cefoxaxime resistance E. coli : 30.3% → 47.4% 2006-2013).


Furthermore, gram negative bacteria’s anti-microbial resistance has been gradually increased. For example, in 2007, recovery rate of cefotaxime (which is 3rd generation of cephalosporin) resistance Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae was 13%, 34% respectively, but the rate increased to 35%, 38% in 2015. Also, recovery rate of imipenem resistance A. baumannii’s increased from 20% to 85% during 2002-2015.


First-in-class SAL200


iNtRON Biotechnology is carrying out multiple ascending dose (MAD) clinical trial of the first-in-class MRSA antibiotics candidate N-Rephasin® SAL200 in Korea. N-Rephasin® will be developed as the world’s first protein based biological new drug which has bacterial cell wall lysis function to address prevailing antimicrobial resistance problem.


And by leveraging our world’s best ‘Endolysin R&D platform technology’, we are pushing ahead with not only N-Rephasin® SAL200 program, but also other endolysin based gram positive and gram negative antibiotics candidate development plan.



it is iNtRON.