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iNtRON is Committed To The Development

of Bio New Drug for Super bacteria

Antibiotic resistant bacteria(super bacteria) is very important issue we should resolve for the public health and survivals. Many countries including US and Europe are preparing national wide countermeasures for super bacteria issue as a top priority.

AMR Review Report

According to the AMR review report, super bacteria are causing over 30,000 death annually only in Europe; and AMR warns the number of death could be increased to over 10 millions and it could cost $100 trillion by 2050. iNtRON Bio is focused on the development of Gram positive bacteria represented by VRES & MRSA, and MDR bacteria including VRE, MRPA, MRAB, CRE, and etc.. Based on our bacteriophage resources, we focus on the development of cutting-edge biotechnology-based endolysins and pipelines.

N-Rephasin® candidates
SAL200, EFL200, CDL200, TMA015, NFA014, and etc…

A leading company in Antibiotic Alternatives Market

based on Bacteriophage Technology!

Due to globally serious antibiotic resistant bacteria issue, antibiotic use for the livestock and fisheries has been banned in many countries. Bacteriophage-based technology is a nature friendly solution that can resolve the antibiotic resistance issue.


We are collaborating with national and global companies in US/China/Russia to expend our phage business into different fields including livestock, agriculture, aquaculture, food manufacturing process, bio-ethanol, and health & medical treatment.


※ Countries already banned antibiotics in animal feeds:  Denmark(1998), Switzerland(1999), EU(2006), Korea(2011), USA(2017) Based on our superior technology, we will make continuous investments to secure platform technology and biological resources. As of December 2015, we have more than 400 different bacteriophage libraries; And we will invest to secure more than 1,000 phage libraries.

We will Change the Paradigm of Diagnostics Technology!

We are contributing to public health and disease prevention with diagnosis products for swine flu, VRE super bacteria, food poisoning, and avian influenza.  We are pursuing the platform technology and commercialization of the technology that can be a future Molecular & Immunological diagnostics standard for human, animal diseases.

We are Preparing Functional Moiety Program!

The biggest competitiveness of biotech company is securing platform technology. Especially, First-in-Class technology gives much higher possibility for its success than Best-in-Class; And rich pipeline candidates are essential for its future success.  Functional moiety programs including Axakacin, peterostilbene, methylated falvonoid are our new drug R&D programs for the silver industry and brain industry. Securing platform technology and technology for commercialization based on R&D is our basis for the Global R&D Company.

Dream for the Development of Artificial Blood

We believe the artificial blood will be the greatest development in the history of mankind. We will make it happen with 1% of possibility and 99% of endeavor in R&D. We will mobilize the national and international network for it.
iNtODEWORLD, Inc is the US subsidiary of iNtRON Biotechnology, Inc.