iNtRON’s R&BD Goal Story

iNtRON’s AD / BC

BC vs AD Era

iNtRON is continuously expanding its R&BD platform technology from the Bacteria & Virus Infectious Fields to the Immunological Disease Fields based on bacteriophage technology.

iNtRON’s platform technology has grown through an evolutionary process and can chronologically divide into BC and AD Era.

BC Era

BC Era refers to Before Concept or Before anti-Cancer immunotherapeutics. This era is based on bacteriophage and endolysin technology.

Platform technologies in this era include ① PHAGERIA® and ② itLysin® (Endolysin) technology, and these platform technologies target bacterial infectious diseases.

Following the definition of bacteriophage as a virus that eats bacteria, we are accelerating the development of antibiotic-alternatives for Animals as well as new drugs related to phageome (microbiome) in Human through the PHAGERIA® platform technology.

AD Era

AD Era refers to After new Definition/Doctrine or After anti-infectious Disease Drug. This era is based on ViP Cycle Hypothesis that examine the relation between bacteriophages, bacteria, and virus.

iNtRON’s vip cycle

Platform technologies in this era include ① PHAGERUS® and ② PHAGERIARUS® technology.

① PHAGERUS® technology that targets viral infectious diseases. Bacteriophages are very similar to viruses in terms of their life cycle and various characteristics. In view of this, we are developing vaccine and treatment technologies for viral infectious diseases through bacteriophage itself or robot bacteriophages, which is our ultimately goal to neutralize virus through bacteriophages.

On the other hands, ② PHAGERIARUS® technology targets immune diseases. iNtRON Bio has accumulated technology and “know-how” through bacteriophage-related research over the past 20 years. Until now, our research has been based on the definition that bacteriophage is a virus that eats bacteria.

However, the AD Era establishes a New Concept that is unique from existing orthodoxy. We will define and identify bacteriophages as foreign substances that trigger immune responses in the body, such as bacteria and viruses.

As we simultaneously develop a new Bacteriophage TLR Agonist (BΦPTA), we are developing an Immune Regulators that acts as an On/Off switching drug, that not only covers Lytic Bacteriophages but also Lysogenic Bacteriophages (Prophages) and causes protein-to-protein interactions in the body.

This study starts from looking at the bacteriophage as a new PAMP, which is expected to bring a paradigm shift in existing immunology.


iNtRON R&BD Technologies (BC/AD Era)

Immune & Immunotherapeutics
After Definition/Doctrine
AD Era
Infectious Disease Drugs
Before Concept
BC Era

Immunotherapeutics development through developing Immune Regulators based on ViP-Cycle


Development of virus therapeutics and vaccine formulations targeting viral diseases based on the similarity between bacteriophages and viruses


Development of new biopharmaceuticals targeting CRC, PD, AD, etc. by regulating the intestinal microbiome environment using bacteriophages respond to bacteria

itLysin® (Endolysin)

Development of new biopharmaceuticals against bacterial infections such as antibiotic-resistant bacteria using endolysin developed with itLysin® technology


Antibiotic-alternatives for animals