[iNtRON] 19th Global Patent Registration of SAL200
06 February,2024

19th Global Patent Registration of SAL200

Additional patent registrations in multiple countries including Singapore

Patent region and term extension for the exclusive right of SAL200

Anticipated patent registrations for the patents in examination phase





We are pleased to share that the patent for SAL200, the endolysin-based new biological drug, has recently been successfully granted in multiple countries including Singapore, and this marks the 19th global patent registration for SAL200 to date.




SAL200 is currently in the US phase 2 clinical trial for the treatment of bacteremia and endocarditis caused by superbugs such as MRSA, and it has entered into a “Evaluation License and Option Agreement” with a Swiss pharmaceutical company.


The newly registered global patents for SAL200 cover technology related to freeze-dried formulations with high commercial utility and infections caused by coagulase-negative staphylococci and epidermidis. These family patents aim to expand the valid clinical indications of SAL200 and pursue exclusive rights through regional and patent term extensions. These additional patents with the technologies was established with the initiation of global patent applications in 2018, leading to subsequent registrations in major countries such as the United States and China. More recently, successful sequential patent registrations have been granted in multiple countries, including Europe and Singapore.


Given the successful registration of patents in multiple countries, including the United States, we anticipate successful patent registrations in other countries currently in the patent examination phase. Strengthening exclusivity right of patent and market for technology and materials are crucial for the successful out-licensing deal. As the exclusivity is impacted by the region and duration of the patents, it makes continuous global patent registrations crucial for the global successful of SAL200.


In addition to SAL200, we are actively building a substantial patent portfolio for other bacteriophage platform technologies including itLysin®, PHAGERIA®, PHAGERUS® and PHAGERIARUS®. These efforts are essential for bio-venture companies like us, and we are poised to solidify its position as a leading global company in the bacteriophage field.






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