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President Message

Before the BIO revolution called the “Human Genome Project” (HGP), it was believed that EXON was the most important part of the chromosome. However, after HGP was completed and the biotech industry flourished, the importance of the INTRON became widely recognized. There continues to be extensive research on the importance of the INTRON today.

iNtRON Biotechnology originated from the concept of INTRON itself. iNtRON strives to be the true worldwide leader in biotechnology in life engineering. The company was established based on this goal and it remains the vision of iNtRON Biotechnology to this day. And more, iNtRON’s “it” contains our dream and vision.

iNtRON started as a research reagents company in 1999. Later, the molecular diagnostic business was added. The company became a leading diagnostic company which was renowned for its New Flu diagnostic Kit.

And then, after developing platform technology related to Bacteriophage and Endolysin, the company passed a technology evaluation by the Korea Exchange (KRX) in 2010. Then in January 2011, iNtRON finally had its first IPO and was listed on the KOSDAQ. The company is continuously searching for ways to improve and innovate in pursuit of its goal of becoming the world’s best biotechnology company.

After going public, we once again questioned, “Can a company based on domestic manufacturing, sales/marketing become a competitive global pharma or biotech within 10 to 20 years?”

iNtRON is looking for the answer from “Global R&BD Group”. R&D is our top priority. It is difficult to become a global company based on production and sales/marketing; however, we believe it is possible to leap forward to a global company if we focus on Research & Business Development (R&BD) for new drug development. With this belief, we aim to become a "global R&BD group."

iNtRON’s New Drug R&D is focused on 1) Humans 2) Medicines for Diseases 3) First-in-Class (MOA based)

iNtRON is continuously striving to develop not only new Blockbuster drugs, but new Moral-Buster drugs as well. In addition to that, the new drug technology used as a base for this development will focus on discovering First-in-Class new drug candidate substances which MOA proves.

With the belief that “Only Passion Makes Me Free!” and “不狂不及, 磨斧作針, 熱血男兒” spirit we will become a leading “Global R&BD Group”, who, based on our dedication and tireless effort, will show exceptional results on a continuous basis.

YOON, Seong Jun

CEO Message

The existing synthetic antibiotics will never be able to protect mankind anymore after bacteria gain immunity to the antibiotics. There has been a dog-eat-dog competition between synthesized antibiotics and antibiotics resistant bacteria.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (USDHHS) calls this competition as “Arms race with bacteria” and says existing synthetic antibiotics are apparently defeating in this war. At this moment, the U.S government is actively searching for ‘Non-Traditional Therapeutics’ which function quite differently, and are running supportive programs to accelerate the development.

iNtRON Biotechnology is developing whole new antibiotics unlike existing synthetic antibiotics. Our Endolysin technology based new drug is a “Non-Traditional Therapeutics” and “First-in-class” new drug that operates in a totally different mechanism.

A medicine for MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and antibiotics for gram-negative bacteria are under development. Besides, we are accelerating development of drug for anthrax bacillus, antifungal, and new drug against VRE (Vancomycin-resistant enterococci).

iNtRON Biotechnology will build up a sustainable Global R&D group founded on not the only one successful development of new drug substance but with the success in developing the entire platform technology. We will keep focusing on expanding our capabilities in global R&D, and developing world-class new medicines through the cooperation with global big pharma. iNtRON Biotechnology is targeting the development of new medicine for human infectious disease and platform technology based “First-in-class” new drug. While we are aiming for the globalization of our products, we think “Platform Research” should be preceded to acquire “Platform Technology” and will continue its investment and show the results.

YOON, Kyung Won
CEO / Vice President

iNtRON Biotechnology, Inc.


Board of Directors
YOON, Seong Jun (Alek)
CEO / President
  • Master of Animal Resource and Science at Seoul National University
  • Worked at the Cancer Research Institute of Seoul National University Hospital
  • Working at iNtRON Biotechnology as CEO, President
YOON, Kyung Won (Kevin)
CEO / Vice President
  • EMBA at Seoul National University
  • Graduated from Seoul National University in Textile Engineering
  • Worked at Samsung C&T Corporation and CITI BANK
  • Currently work in Strategic Planning Dept. of iNtRON Biotechnology
KANG, Sang Hyeon Ph.D.
CTO / Vice President
  • Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering Chemistry at Seoul National University
  • Worked at Dreambiogen
  • Working at Lifetech Institute of iNtRON Biotechnology
SEOL, Jae Goo Ph.D.
COO / Senior Executive Director
  • Ph.D. in Cancer Biology at Seoul National University
  • Previously Worked at the Cancer Research Institute of SNUH and Mgen bio
  • Working at OS Center / Overseas Dept. of iNtRON Biotechnology
Global Business Team
SHIN, Tae Kyu (TK)
Senior Team Leader/Biz Part
YANG, Hae Dong (James)
Senior Team Leader/Biz Part
Team Leader/Biz Part