[iNtRON] Secured and validated efficacy of genotoxin controlling substances derived from colorectal cancer-inducing E. coli
05 March,2024


iNtRON has secured and validated efficacy of genotoxin control substances derived from colorectal cancer-inducing E. coli


Efficacy validation against genotoxin secreted by colorectal cancer-inducing pks+ E. coli

Integration into the platform technology for the Robot Bacteriophage improvement

Colorectal cancer prevention and recurrence reduction with the ETBF targeting substance




We are glad to announce that iNtRON has secured an effective substance that can neutralize and control colibactin, a genotoxin secreted by pks+ Escherichia coli, known to a colorectal cancer inducer.


We have been developing bacteriophage-based drugs to selectively control harmful microbiomes and its toxins in the human intestine based on the PHAGERIA® platform technology. We aim to prevent or reduce the recurrence of many different diseases caused by harmful microbiomes, and our primary focus at this moment is colorectal cancer research and development.


Pks+ E. coli is a representative harmful microbiome that induces colorectal cancer and it is a type of pathogenic E. coli that produces and secretes the genotoxin colibactin. Colibactin has been reported to promote cancer-initiating mutations by causing DNA damage in cells, ultimately leading to the development of colorectal cancer. Although research on the neutralization and control of colibactin is actively conducted worldwide for the prevention and recurrence reduction of colorectal cancer due to its importance, there is currently no effective substance for neutralizing colibactin.


We have been actively exploring and developing substances that have a controlling effect against colibactin. And we have developed a substance that hydrolyzes the cyclopropane ring structure of colibactin, thereby neutralizes its function. The effectiveness of the substance was evaluated by colibactin control models with recombinant proteins secured by the using the genetic information of specific microbiomes.


If we integrate the newly secured substance for the genotoxin colibactin control into the Robot Bacteriophages, it will become a drug for colorectal cancer prevention and recurrence reduction with various advantages. We will continue to develop it as a new drug candidate for colorectal cancer (CRC) in conjunction with the Robot Bacteriophages developed for combating ETBF, another harmful bacterium inducing colorectal cancer.


We assure that we have reached a significant milestone in securing additional substances that can be used as anticancer agents and in integrating them with the Robot Bacteriophage platform improving technology for the final PHAGERIA® candidate selection. We will focus more on R&D and enhance our technology to solidify our position as a global leading company in the bacteriophage technology.




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