[iNtRON] Confirmed iN-SIS5 Inhibits Acetylcholine Secretion in Scalp Skin Tissue
26 March,2024

iN-SIS5 inhibits acetylcholine secretion in scalp skin tissue

▶ Confirmed efficacy officially by a CRO

▶ First confirmation of ACh inhibition activity in human scarp skin tissue

▶ Further R&D is planned following the first activity confirmation in scarp tissue



We are pleased to inform you that we have confirmed the efficacy of Acetylcholine (ACh) secretion inhibition in human scalp skin tissue for the newly developed substance, iN-SIS5, which is being developed as an alternative to Botox. 


The efficacy evaluation study was officially conducted through a CRO and verified the actual working of iN-SIS5 in human scalp tissue after IRB approval. The study was conducted with consideration for potential expansion into various fields beyond the cosmetic industry, where commercialization is currently underway.


The purpose of the efficacy evaluation study was to verify whether iN-SIS5 and Botulinum toxin inhibit acetylcholine secretion after administration in actual human scalp tissue. The test was particularly significant given the previous efficacy tests were primarily conducted in general skin cells and tissues, and it confirms the efficacy directly in scalp tissue for the first time.


Of particular note, the study confirmed that iN-SIS5 shows superior efficacy per dose in comparison to the doses typically used in Botulinum toxin procedures, even though iN-SIS5 was tested at ppm concentration levels. Additionally, the excellent stability of iN-SIS5 was confirmed, further indicating its potential applications across various fields.


Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that transmits signals between nerves and muscles, and the efficacy of Botulinum toxin is also based on inhibition of acetylcholine secretion. Botulinum toxin itself can cause various side effects due to its nature as a toxin, including immune-related side effects from neutralizing antibodies generated by foreign protein administration and concerns about reduced efficacy with repeated uses.


iN-SIS5, which have been developed as an alternative to Botox, has unique advantages that can provide the similar effects of Botulinum toxin while offering safer use and sustained efficacy. It is registered as an ingredient for 'International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (ICID) and cosmetics in Korea, which are protected by many different patents.


It was confirmed that the iN-SIS5 at minimal concentration has similar level of efficacy with that of Botulinum toxin at the commonly used dosage and it is a very promising result. We are actively pursuing business opportunities for iN-SIS5 primarily on drug development and cosmetic commercialization. Among these dual-track strategies, we are prioritizing cosmetic commercialization and collaborating with companies such as Nordmason who owns the Huxley brand and Dermaject who specializes in micro needle. Given the confirmed efficacy of iN-SIS5 in scalp tissue this time, we also plan to further develop products related to scalp health.


Various characteristics of iN-SIS5 are being identified, and based on the results confirmed this time, we will proceed with additional research and development, including scalp-related one, to establish iN-SIS5 as a valuable substance, and we will achieve various business successes moving forward.



Thank you.


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